Our response to the current COVID-19 pandemic

Little Sparklers is open! but like most businesses, we have had to make changes to comply with the new regulations and safety measures during these Covid times. We have summed up these changes below and hope that we can continue to run as normal as possible.

Visiting the setting

We are still open to perspective parents but per appointment only. Please call ahead (Contact Us) to make an appointment and we can see if we can fit you in after all our children have gone home.

What has been put in place to keep everyone safe?

  • We have introduced our Safe Operating Policy.
  • Anyone displaying symptoms of Covid -19 e.g a high temperature, new persistent cough and loss of taste/smell will not be allowed to attend the Pre-school.
  • Social distancing, as far as possible, will be promoted * PPE will be used in the setting during nappy changing and when caring for a child who is displaying symptoms or when dealing with incidents involving bodily fluids.
  • Enhanced cleaning of all areas and especially touch points. * Regular hand washing.
  • Visitors and parents to remain outside of the Pre-school building. * Careful monitoring of children’s health.
  • Masks to be worn on School grounds when dropping off and collecting and for any visitors after hours.

If there is a confirmed case of Covid-19, will parents be told?

If there is a confirmed case connected to the Pre-school, the staff or children, we will advise you by email and with signs around the setting whilst maintaining confidentiality.

Will staff be tested?

At present, all staff will be tested if they display symptoms or if they wish to be reassured.

How will social distancing be respected in the Pre-school?

All families will be asked to respect social distancing when arriving at Pre-school for drop off and collection. In the Pre-school, we will aim to achieve this by:

  • Monitoring our occupancy carefully
  • Avoiding the movement of children and staff between rooms or communal spaces
  • Using outdoor areas as much as possible
  • Spending time in smaller groups ( dependent on numbers ) * Keeping the same staff members with the same bubbles as far as possible

Will my child be comforted if upset?

Social distancing must be carefully balanced with ensuring the emotional wellbeing of each child. If your child needs a hug, this would never be denied. We know that returning to Pre-school might be unsettling at first, but we will do everything we can to comfort and reassure them.

Will the staff wear masks? What about if a child shows symptoms?

Government guidance does not recommend the wearing of masks in Early Years settings. It is very important that children are able to see our facial expressions. However, masks will be worn by a staff member if a child displays symptoms. The staff member and the child will go into an isolation area until the parent collects.

Will you talk about the virus at Pre-school?

Whilst we do not want to frighten the children, it is important that we recognise that this has had an impact on them and their families for several weeks. It might also be that some children have had a bereavement in the family. The team will talk about the virus and the importance of hand washing, coughing safely, putting toys in their mouths or touching their faces, eyes, nose and mouth. It is important that we are receptive to any thoughts and fears and give the children the opportunity to ask questions. If we have any concerns, we will always share these with you. It will be useful if you could reassure your child about their return to Pre-school and that they will have friends to play with, they will have fun, but they must wash their hands lots. Pacey has a lot of useful resources to help you support your child - Dr Dog explains coronavirus - eyfs-t-p-843

If a child in the same bubble as mine is unwell, will I be told?

You will be told if a child in your childs bubble group tests positive for Covid-19, but the childs' name will remain confidential. We will also let you know that you should monitor all your children more closely if a child is presenting with Covid-19 symptoms within your bubble group.

Can I have the contact details of parents in my child’s bubble group?

We are not able to release parental details without permission due to GDPR

How will you encourage children to maintain social distancing but still enable them to play alongside one another?

This is probably one of the hardest issues to manage. Young children are naturally very affectionate with one another and learning to play alongside, together and to share are very important life skills. We will talk to the children about being careful, taking turns, not pushing past each other and so on. Staff will also be demonstrating social distancing but the fact remains that distancing with this age group is impossible.

You say a child should be tested before they can return if they have been displaying symptoms, but I didn’t think under 5 year olds were eligible for the test?

From June 1st, if your child is displaying symptoms of coronavirus, you can book a test online through the NHS website. You can phone 111 for advice, but will have to book the test yourself. Those who test positive will be contacted by the NHS test and trace service within 24 hours to establish who they have been in contact with and could have infected. If positive, the other children and staff attached to that bubble group will need to self-isolate and get tested. Even if the members of that group get tested and this comes back negative, the infection could be incubating and so the 14 days self isolation still applies.

My child is due to start in July/August so will I need to organise my settling in session?

As we reopen the team will be very busy settling the children back into the setting. We will do our best to accommodate your wishes but cannot guarantee that it will be possible.
Just to remind you, that settling in sessions will look a little different in that we are unable to allow parents into the Pre-school.

My child has had Calpol today, they look much better, can they attend their session?

Unfortunately, as one of the main symptoms of Covid-19 is a high temperature, we cannot accept any children who require Calpol or Ibruprofen in case it is masking a temperature. If your child has needed Calpol on the morning of their session, they should be kept at home until they feel better.

Is there anything I need to provide?

We would like you to bring a drink in a named drinking bottle that can go home at the end of the session to be washed. We would also like you to bring one bag containing a complete change of clean clothes, also include nappies, wet wipes and several nappy sacks if required. Any items changed or used will be sent home in a separate carrier bag - please provide one carrier bag inside your child’s backpack. Sparklers Polo shirts are not required for the time being - but please remember to send your child into pre-school each day wearing fresh, clean clothes. When you arrive home you should change your childs clothes and wash them on a high temperature.

What do we need to do while the weather is so hot?

On hot days, we would ask that you apply a high factor, waterproof suncream before arrival at the setting. A clearly named sunhat should also be provided. You should also supply a small bottle of suncream in your child’s backpack.

What do I do if there is a long queue to get into the Pre-school?

Patience is going to be key! We ask all our parents to ensure social distancing is followed at all times and to stand back and wait if others are ahead of you .

We would ask that you arrive and leave before the main school children begin arriving and begin using the same entrance as the Pre-school. We trust you will bear with us whilst these new systems are being implemented. Your feedback will be greatly received (via text or email please)

We are sure you will appreciate that this is a learning curve for everyone and that we are all doing our best to keep everyone safe, so we ask for your support as we work through all these adjustments. Also, we are continually receiving updates to the guidance so please bear with us if changes need to be made to this information.