What our parents have to say about Little Sparklers. Here are some of the lovely reviews our past and present parents have left us 🥰.

We cannot recommend Little Sparklers enough. We have trusted Karen and her team with both our children and have never been let down or disappointed. They are all kind, caring and we have always been extremely pleased with how our children have developed under their care. The Little Sparklers team have given our children the best possible start to their Primary School education and we cannot thank them enough.

Bradley S
- 20th July 2021

I can't thank Karen & the team at Little Sparklers enough, Ava is my second child to attend and can honestly say they've been incredible with both my children! My 1st couldn't even speak a sentence when she joined and she left speaking full sentences as well as writing and reading! Ava has turned into a super independent little girl and thats all that is all thanks to the work that you've put in! She will join "Big School" with no problems what so ever but I know she will miss you all deeply and would stay at "Sparklers" forever if she could as she has had the BEST time there! Thank you Karen, Michael & Keli for making Ava's younger years the best they could be!

Hannah H
- 20th July 2021

I feel this is the best, most supportive nursery you could ask for, the staff are fabulous and I would highly recommend it. My boys have been so happy here and we will miss them very much.

Jemma M
- 20th July 2021

We have been sending our 3 children to Little Sparklers for almost 7 years. We are so glad to of been apart of this amazing Pre-School for so many happy years. All 3 children have grown to be confident and happy, well developed and ready for the next step in their lives. We will miss seeing the whole team.

Thank you for being an amazing, caring Pre-School

Debbie W
- 14th August 2018

Riley has truely loved his time at Sparklers. We have loved watching him grow and develop under your care. We now can't wait for "A's" adventure to start with you. I can't recommend you highly enough and again, thank you for all the love, care and guidence you've given to Riley

Emma S
- 12th August 2018

Both my children had an amazing experience at Little Sparklers. My little boy started off very shy and would not mix with people he didn't know. This has completely changed since his time at Sparklers. I would highly recommend sending your child there. Karen, Keli and Michael have been amazing.

Lucy J
- 12th August 2018

I can't recommend Little Sparklers highly enough! Our girls have both enjoyed their time at Sparklers over the past 4 or so years. The staff are amazing & we have really felt part of the Sparklers family with trips to Crealy & story nights among all the other fun.

Thank you Sparklers Team.

Lisa R
- 12th August 2018

In the short time my son was at Little Sparklers, he has come right out of his shell. His speech has improved so much! The 3 of you are amazing, continue to do what you do best! I wish you all many more graduations to come

Thanks to you all.

Suzanne P
- 12th August 2018

A fantastic team who have built our childrens confidence. Always pushing them to succeed. My son, Freddie has enjoyed every moment of his time and never stops asking when he can go back into Little Sparklers.

5 Star Pre-School - The best!

Camilla N
- 12th August 2018

Absolutely fantastic setting where my son has grown with the rest. Lovely, caring staff that do so many activities throughout the year & learning so much too. You will all be sadly missed by my son & me :( Couldn't recommend a better Pre-School.

Jon C
- 12th August 2018